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Hi fellow steemians from Africa, Nigeria, Warri and all over the world.. My name is Esther Temiwumi.. Some people call me Temi others esther some etemi a combination of both... Proudly Nigerian.. I come from Delta state /Ogun state. A final year student of mathematics from the university of Benin.. People call me jack of all trades cause I love to just do everything, but amongst all that i do I am very passionate about 1 of the 3 that I do the most and its singing. IMG_20171202_203446_815.jpg But I play football very well and basketball although am not too tall am 5.5 feet tall but I ball well.. I am a SANGUINE and a PHLEG if you know what that means you should know am very positive amongst the qualities of my temperament.. A friend introduced me to steemit and all I could think of was to just sing or do one of those crazy stuffs I normally do I love to play video games, have a very great sense of humor, you can call me a tomboy but trust me its more than what I appear to be from the outside... I live in warri, so area!!! Gat a lot more to say tho.. But if you have any questions you can ask.. I really hate typing too much.. Am funnnnn to be with, you bet you can engage me in whatever conversation I always have what to say.. Thought I should introduce myself to all of you... If you from my school can holla at me. If you sing or are not a boring person. We can always yan.. Whatever colour country you are we can always roll trust me..!!!


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