About Us

Steemjetrecords is the first ever musical label on the Steem Blockchain and Cryptocurrency at large and its mission is to promote songs and videos uploaded on the Blockchain by our signed artists.

Steemjet Records is the first Decentralized Record label on the Steem Blockchain. It aim at managing and promoting raw talents within the SteemJet community and the Steem Blockchain at large which will inculcate both Audios, Videos and anything related to Entertainment.

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Our Aim

The need for a record label arises when the SteemJet community Founder and Sponsor said the new phase of the community is to focus on Music and Videos which in a long run help to preach the gospel of Cryptocurrency around the Globe and the name STEEMJET RECORDS was founded, this label keeps track of every Artiste, Videography and even Sound producers on the Steemjet community whose works has gone unnoticed on the Steem Blockchain. This will help conglomerate all Artiste both Singers, Rappers, Keyboardist, Bassist and any talent relating to Entertainment.

A community is not complete without a social vibe and the world has grown so large that most message are being passed with Music and Videos, be it Dancing, movies, comic or drama. People always look at the message being passed. Recently, immediately after the big announcement of Steemjet Records. The numbers of talented Steemjetters has grown at a tremendous rate even within the SteemJet Delegates, more talents are being discovered.



Already, we all know how difficult it is for Entertainers to get notice on the Steem Blockchain, the SteemJet Records is here to provide you an opportunity to be a STAR. With help from it Sponsor @Dimimp, posts which uses the steemjetrecords tag and which will help to achieve the aim of the community will be curated.

Steemjet records came to be as an idea initiated by Yungchief. Yungchief Is a Free stylist, an idealist, a rapper and also a dancer. He is known as the brain behind the record and hail from the Southern part of Nigeria.

Steemjetrecords is sponsored by single individual who has been a motivation to all who has crossed his path. He has taken out time to give his best to humanity. Steemjetrecords is sponsored by the phenomenal Dimimp.


How to secure a contract on steemjet records

To get signed into Steemjet Records is simple, you must have in one way or the other contributed to the community growth through Entertainment (Music, Videos,etc).

And to be an official member of Steemjet Records, you need these keywords from its Sponsor @Dimimp as a sign of Approval. WELCOME TO STEEJET RECORDS and YOU ARE SIGN IN TO STEEMJET RECORDS or any related keyword he chooses which shows as signs of Approval.

Services Offered - We offer curation once the content being uploaded contain music or video and records tag is used and also support valuable content even not related to music.